Important announcement Otravo

Dear Customers & Partners, we regret to inform you that as of Thursday 15th of December, Otravo had to take the decision to cease operations for now.

More information will follow through this channel and through individual communications (e-mail) as soon as that becomes available.

Please see important information below.

  1. If you have purchased and received a ticket from us, there is no action to be taken, your purchase is secure, and you should not be concerned.
  2. If you have purchased a flight from us, and not received your ticket yet. It is our top priority to send the flight ticket for bookings that have been made as soon as possible. In case you expect a refund, we advise you to contact the airline directly with respect to the status of your requested refund.
  3. If you require assistance on an airline ticket purchased. Please be aware that our call center teams are no longer operating, please reach out to the airline providing your flight for assistance.
  4. If you require assistance on an additional service associated with your ticket, see below;
    1. For Cancelation insurance (Enhanced Refundable Terms) – contact https://form.refundable.me/forms/refund
    2. For Customer Service Packages – these services are no longer being provided.
    3. For Travel Insurance – Check your confirmation e-mail for name of provider and contact travelgenio@eclaims.europ-assistance.com
    4. For Baggage insurance – contact https://fileyourcase.eclaims.europ-assistance.com/
    5. For Service Packages – These services are no longer being provided.
    6. For bankruptcy insurance – This services are no longer being provided.
    7. For Flex Ticket – This services are no longer being provided.
    8. For Bags Purchased: Please contact the airline directly.
    9. For Airhelp – please contact info@airhelp.com
    10. For Hotels or Cars purchases: please follow the information received from our partners when booking the services.